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An Intertextual Reading of an Egyptian Popular Epic

Argues that the peaceful reconciliation between Heru and Seth in the pre-Osirian version of the myth is more characteristic of a society formed by kin-groups and the judgement present in later versions is more typical of a formalised state.

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Cruz-Uribe Available on Academia. Highly recommended. Yvan Koenig. The Image of the Foreigner in the Magical Texts. Kousoulis and K.

SETH, GOD OF CONFUSION: A Study of His Role in Egyptian Mythology and Religion

Les dieux contre la mer. Yeah, right. Also contains info about Min. Not essential unless you are very much into the Saharan Wet Phase, like me. Bianchi Ugo. I am a bit wary of comparing societies which are very distant in time and space, but YMMV. Te Velde — Seth as a Trickster Short paper which is basically a reduced version of the principal point of his thesis. It is only in German, and you have to pay quite a lot of money for it, but it is the key paper that presents Seth as a Storm-god with a positive, awe-inspiring but overall positive character.

Some of the invocations are pure gold. I mean, they are awesome even after being translated with Google Translate. A good review of the principal cult-places of Seth and the relative local myths. Nagel puts forward the hypothesis of the stratification of different mythological strands relating to the protection of the Solar Barque and the Osirian myth.

As early as Seth et Son animal — G. So bad,in fact, that could not finish it. Also, in French. YMMV, so I recommend reading before flaming. Mathieu ENiM 6 : These two texts analyse the different meanings and roles assumed by the two deities in the Texts of the Pyramids, focusing both on the non-Osirian and on the Osirian aspects of both and on their interrelation.

I would recommend to read them both, as they have so much complementary information. In French, of course. Mais qui est donc Osiris?

Seth, God of Confusion - A Study of His Role in Egyptian Mythology and Religion (Paperback, New ed)

Ou la politique sous le linceul de la religion, B. Mathieu, ENiM 3 : This places the social and political order under the authority of a universal divine figure and in turn bolsters the figure of the king. The death of Osiris is also a schema for dynastic succession. Available from ENiM free of charge.

In French. This ended in reconciliation and equitable separation. The Osirian myth is a guarantee of Institutional process but also contributes to social peace, establishing the superiority of right over might. Available on Academia.

Egyptian Mythology Explained In 13 Minutes

In French only. Rizzo ENiM 7, , p. This is as cringe-worthy as you can imagine. You are never going to see rain quite in the same way afterwards. Cringe in French with us by downloading the paper from the ENiM website. The latter is behind a de Gruyters paywall, so I only managed to read the abstract. This paper gives an overview and analysis of the Contendings and analyses it in terms of binary oppositions between the contenders. Some of the interpretations feel a bit forced to me like how is Seth a chtonian deity, FFS?

He sees the myth as a conflict between nature Seth and culture Horus , complicated by the importance that age and experience had in Ancient Egyptian culture. Here reported is also the theory by J. Spiegel published in that the true conflict is between Ra and the Ennead, as a reflex of the struggle between the King and the Nomarchs in the Middle Kingdom. This idea, albeit interesting, seems to have been discredited. There is a lot of Satanism infighting in the beginning, which might or might not be of interest, but past that you get a truly left-wing interpretation of Seth as a positive figure, a protector of foreigners, of common people and of the cosmos.

This paper is blessedly free of the implied xenophobia and patent homophobia of te Velde and reassesses the figure of Seth in the light of more recent interpretations of the role of foreigners up to the New Kingdom, without backprojecting from the Late Period material and criticises the elitist, pessimist views of some satanists, wihich have been put together with a mixture of Nietzche and te Velde.

It is on Academia. Highly recommended, even though it is clearly just a draft. Postulates that the Golden Horus name of the royal titulary might be linked to Seth.

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I have seen this hypothesis in other papers too. This then becomes a ritual formula for healing people from headaches and migraines. This interpretation is benign towards Seth, avoiding the usual accusations of sexual violence. It uses the translation of the Negative Confessions that supposedly puts a blanket ban on all and any homosexual intercourse and cites M. Foucault, who supposedly said that sexuality is a modern construct, and then proceeds to say that there were no gay men anywhere in ancient times, not even in Classical Athens. It also repeatedly connects homosexual relationships with rape and domination.

In short it is a piece of Catholic crap from the Catholic University of Rome. This is a short paper dealing with justice and legal procedure in AE and in particular with the trial of Seth in the various versions of the Contendings.

Seth, God Of Confusion: A Study Of His Role In Egyptian Mythology And Religion

The outlook is pretty positive towards Seth, recognising the coexistence of positive aspects throughout the mythic narration. You can find it on Academia.

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Michaelidis, Aegyptus , anno 32, n. This paper analyses the ancient claims of impiety by the Hyksos kings of the 15thth Dynasty 3rd Intermediate Period. The claims of henoteism, of destruction of temples and of brutality are reassessed in the light of new archeological discoveries and the figure of Seth of Hat-Waret is analysed in the light of the cultural contacts with the ANE and of the synchretism with Baal.

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It is possible, as Assman postulates, based on Flavius Josephus, that the memory of the expulsion of the Hyksos from Egypt was later re-assembled in the Biblical narrative of the Exodus, but so far the archeological evidence says that, even though they liked Seth a lot, they were polytheistic. Also, M.


Quite a bit of space is dedicated to Seth, of course, and to his exploits against Horus in the shape of a black boar. Unfortunately I cannot remember where I got this from. Crippa and M. A handbook of Egyptian religion. Egyptian Mythology a to Z. Celtic Mythology and Religion. A Confusion of Princes. Mythology - The Egyptian Gods. Confusion: A Study in the Theory of Knowledge. A Boy And His God. A Boy and His God. Egyptian Mythology A to Z, 3rd Edition. Egyptian 01 - River God. The True Religion of God. A dictionary of mythology. The Masks of God: Oriental Mythology. Egyptian 02 - River God.

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